Tell "Dear Abby" Asking Saves Kids!

June 21 was National ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day. The ASK Campaign reminds parents and caregivers the importance of asking if there are unlocked guns in the homes where children play. But on ASK day, "Dear Abby" published a column advising a mother to avoid the "offputting" conversation about guns where her kids play.

Respond to the Dear Abby column (see using the suggested tweets below, and help normalize talking about the dangerous combination of kids and guns.

  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby 17000+ kids and teens are injured or killed each year due to gun violence. Mine won't be one. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby I’ve been asked by another parent, I wasn't offended, they just wanted to keep their child safe. #AskingSavesKids
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby I asked. It was awkward. My child is safe. That's my job. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby offputting conversations are part of being a parent, so is keeping my child safe. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby 1 in 3 homes with children have a gun, and only ⅓ are safely stored. #AskingSavesLives #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby 8 children and teens are accidentally shot everyday, my child won't be one of them. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby why is avoiding uncomfortable situations more important than my child's safety? #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby why does this need to be an awkward conversation? Both parents just want what's best for their child. #AskingSavesKids
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby totally wrong advice.  Awkwardness doesn’t trump my child’s right to be safe. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby my priority is the safety of my child. I ASK regularly. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy
  • Click to tweet: .@dearabby kids know where you hide EVERYTHING, including guns. I ask if my friend's guns are locked away. #AskingSavesKids #NotAToy

Not on Twitter? You can contact Dear Abby with a message about ASK through here.