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Tell The United Way To #ReverseTheRaffle

After initially sending a cease & desist letter to the Otero County United Way chapter regarding a planned raffle of over 100 guns (including military style weapons), United Way Worldwide secretly reversed its decision to stop the raffle.

This comes after New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence informed United Way Worldwide about the gun raffle and received a confirmation of its suspension. However, NMPGV was not notified of the position reversal and learned of the news from a local press outlet.

Let United Way Worldwide President and CEO Brian Gallagher know that we expect him to act with courage and not cave to the gun lobby. Make your voice heard using our simple tool below.

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286 3.2 years ago Hope Anderson MA This is horrifying and against United Way Worldwide's policies. Why isn't the worldwide organization enforcing its cease-and-desist order against the Otero County chapter to stop this raffle? Thank ...
285 3.2 years ago Edie Widoff CO I have been a supported of United Way in the past, but will discontinue my support if you all follow through with the firearms raffle. Please use your heads and think about what is the right thing t...
284 3.2 years ago Margaret Kelly SC This is a cultural and social problem and a serious public safety issue. It is everyone's responsibility to seek solutions. This is not one. United Way's policy in this matter is abhorrent.
283 3.2 years ago Mary Kay Marrello IL For the past 20 years i have donated to united Way through my employer. I will NO longer donate if this firearms raffle is allowed to continue! This is disrespectful to the millions that have tri...
282 3.2 years ago Melissa Mendell VA
281 3.2 years ago Hope Mays GA I may withdraw my support for United Way Worldwide if this raffle is not stopped.
280 3.2 years ago Lynn O'Shea LA Disgraceful hypocrisy.
279 3.2 years ago Elizabeth Saurin GA For a charity to be utilizing violence for fundraising is despicable! Y'think?
278 3.2 years ago Charles McKeon VA
277 3.2 years ago Bonnie Chalek NJ Enough with our sick gun culture.
276 3.2 years ago Chrissie Charvill ot People in the UK are worried about this issue too
275 3.2 years ago Betsy Shapiro CA
274 3.2 years ago Amy Ramaker CA More unregistered guns on the street or in the hands of untrained people is never a good idea. Providing more guns to people who may, or may not know how to properly store, use and keep them from t...
273 3.2 years ago Carol Landale CA This is no way to raise $.
272 3.2 years ago Heidi Salls MN
271 3.2 years ago Beth Hydak TX
270 3.2 years ago Jean Grattet CO Absolutely outrageous for United Way to be spreading lethal weapons.
269 3.2 years ago Steve Boss AR
268 3.2 years ago April Goldman CA
267 3.2 years ago Lauren Bier CA
266 3.2 years ago Dorothy Paugh MD This is not the way!
265 3.2 years ago Marti Priest MN Get guns out of fundraising. Appealing to those people who won't give money unless you give them a chance at a gun is blood money. The United Way is supposed to be about wellness, helping communit...
264 3.2 years ago Robin Birkbeck FL Don't make this your legacy. Stand up to the gun lobby. Do the right thing. This is not The United Way.
263 3.2 years ago Patricia Brigham FL
262 3.2 years ago M David Rodriguez CO What are you thinking? United Way stands for love and compassion not death and destruction. United Way's image will be tarnished by this auction of weapons. Stop. In the name of compassion, STOP.
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