STOP Guns Everywhere

In the final act of the Ohio Lame Duck Session, the Ohio Legislature combined two gun lobby bills into one huge disaster for Ohio.

HB 48 was rolled into SB 199 in a dangerous piece of legislation that would open the door for campus carry in Ohio.

The bill would also allow hidden, loaded weapons in Ohio daycares, private aircraft, airports, unattended vehicles in school safety zones, revoke the ability of employers to keep guns out of their parking lots,  reduce the penalty for carrying a gun in the few remaining prohibited places, and allow state and local officials to authorize guns in government buildings.

SB 199 was originally a bill to grant active duty military automatic authority to carry hidden, loaded weapons in our state -- increasing the risk of suicide in this already vulnerable population -- and this remained in the final version.

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Step 1: Call Ohio Governor Kasich.

Sample call script - you'll be leaving a voicemail or speaking to a staffer: "Governor Kasich should veto SB199 in order to protect Ohio's higher education reputation and stop the gun lobby's Guns Everywhere agenda. 1 in 3 students at the Ohio State University come from out-of-state. People like me  -- from across the country and world -- will not invest in college or university tuition in places where campus carry is even a possibility."

Step 2: Back up your call with an e-mail. You may personalize the prefilled message below. Be sure to add one or two lines about why YOU care about gun violence prevention.