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Urge your State Senator to Support Governor’s Veto on SB 336, Concealed Carry

In New Hampshire, the gun lobby is attempting to override Governor Hassan's veto of SB 336, a dangerous bill that seeks to undermine public safety and let dangerous individuals legally carry hidden, loaded handguns.

The "suitable person" law has been in place since 1923 and provides local police departments with the discretion to limit concealed carry for those who are a danger to themselves or others. For example, if an individual in a community is a known domestic abuser but has yet to be indicted, or has a habit of getting into bar fights, local police departments have the ability to reject their concealed carry application. This common-sense law prevents known dangerous people from being able to legally carry hidden, loaded weapons.

Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed SB 336 citing public safety concerns from law enforcement and others. On Thursday, the NH State Senate will vote on whether to support or override the Governor’s veto.

Make sure your voice is heard! Contact your State Senator now and urge them to support the veto of SB 336.

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