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Tell The United Way To #ReverseTheRaffle

After initially sending a cease & desist letter to the Otero County United Way chapter regarding a planned raffle of over 100 guns (including military style weapons), United Way Worldwide secretly reversed its decision to stop the raffle.

This comes after New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence informed United Way Worldwide about the gun raffle and received a confirmation of its suspension. However, NMPGV was not notified of the position reversal and learned of the news from a local press outlet.

Let United Way Worldwide President and CEO Brian Gallagher know that we expect him to act with courage and not cave to the gun lobby. Make your voice heard using our simple tool below.

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311 3.7 years ago Patrice Zboya NH
310 3.7 years ago Benn Nadelman NY
309 3.7 years ago Laura Cooke VA
308 3.7 years ago Martha Omilian MI Really???
307 3.7 years ago Louise Wright MI
306 3.7 years ago Deborah Edwards SC
305 3.7 years ago Helen Harberts CA This is flat out wrong.
304 3.7 years ago Keta Hodgson CA I thought this was a joke. A branch of United Way raffling off fire arms! I regret every cent I've ever donated to United Way and you all should be ashamed of yourself for not recognizing what a dis...
303 3.7 years ago Susan Bailey-Carman MI
302 3.7 years ago Gary Rogers FL
301 3.7 years ago Nan Heroux RI
300 3.7 years ago Jeremiah O'Gorman NY
299 3.7 years ago Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford IL A United Way organization decision to raffle guns, and even assault rifles, is completely contrary to the ethos of United Way's core mission to strengthen and uphold positive and healthy communities...
298 3.7 years ago Jeanne Tucker NY Our donation funds will NOT be going to the United Way now!
297 3.7 years ago Lels Barrett GA
296 3.7 years ago Marianna Maver MI I hope you realize you've just put the final nail in the coffin of the already archaic and maligned United Way.
295 3.7 years ago Lee Clapp TX Will be donating to other charities this year.
294 3.7 years ago jessica melton CT
293 3.8 years ago Deborah Herdan NY How do you expect anyone to seriously consider funding you?
292 3.8 years ago Erin Rafferty VA
291 3.8 years ago Wendy Wheatcroft CA
290 3.8 years ago Linda Brundage MI
289 3.8 years ago Linda Hill TX
288 3.8 years ago Penny Russo CA
287 3.8 years ago CHARLOTTE LASEK CT I can't imagine what would have reversed the original decision to cease and desist. A community organization like this should not be putting weapons back into the community. This is incredibly poor ...
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