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Tell your US Senators how you feel about their votes to #DisarmHate and tell the House: #NoBillNoBreak.

On June 20, the United States Senate voted on key gun violence prevention proposals. Many of them did the right thing and voted for strong and effective measures to address the terror gap and close loopholes in our background checks by supporting the Feinstein and Murphy amendments.

Outrageously, many of them turned their backs on Americans impacted by gun violence and caved to gun lobby pressure. Unacceptable!

Your US Representative now has the chance to do the right thing on these proposals, but the House is planning on recess at the end of the week for the July 4th holiday. Tell your US Representative - #NoBillNoBreak!

Use our action tool to thank the elected officials who took a stand and voted the right way. Make it clear to those who didn't that they will be held accountable for putting gun industry profits ahead of their constituents and let your House member know you are paying attention!