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Keep Florida the Sunshine State!

The Sunshine State may soon be far less family friendly.

State lawmakers are considering giving gun owners with concealed carry permits the ability to openly carry their firearms in public places. The bill passed in the Florida House of Representatives, and now will be heard as SB300 in the Senate Judiciary Committee before it reaches the Senate floor. The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman has the power to keep the bill off the calendar, and that's exactly where you come in.

Please take two minutes to call Senate Judiciary Chair Miguel Diaz De La Portilla and tell him that families don't want to vacation where people are openly carring their weapons. Once you're done with your call, please enter your information and click submit!

Sample call script: "Hi my name is ____, and I'm from ____. I'm calling today to ask you to oppose SB300 for open carry gun laws in Florida. This would be an unacceptable change for the Sunshine State, its tourism industry, and for all the visitors from other states. Senate Judiciary Chair Portilla - thank you for your previous stance on sensible gun reform, and please Say NO to SB300."