Contact Congress Now

Contact Congress NOW and tell them to strike any language from the funding bill that restricts the CDC and NIH from doing gun violence research. 

Gun violence is a public health epidemic that kills 90 Americans a day. Congress has effectively banned the CDC from conducting gun violence research for nearly 20 years, and this has to stop. Tell Congress to lift the ban and fund research and put the safety of our family over politics.

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After you've made your calls, please amplify this message on social media through Facebook and Twitter. Sample Tweets and Graphics below:

CLICK TO TWEET: ACTION ALERT: CALL NOW and tell Congress to #EndTheBan on CDC gun research #EndGunViolence

CLICK TO TWEET: After nearly 20 years, we can #EndTheBan right now. Call your member of Congress and tell them to take action NOW


CLICK TO TWEET: The author of the CDC gun research ban says it's time to #EndTheBan. Call Congress NOW:


CLICK TO TWEET: The NRA shouldn't prevent critical research on gun violence. Tell Congress to #EndTheBan