Day One - Start Your First Call

Thank you for agreeing to make 20 calls in memory of 20 children.  These calls can be made to any one of your members of Congress - your Representative and your two Senators.  You can also call the President.  If you make one call each day, that is wonderful!  You can also make more calls one day than another.  20 calls by the State of the Union Address is the overall goal.  You can do repeat calls to legislators.  You can get friends to call.  Just try to get 20 calls in - every call helps!  The other side pounds legislators with calls and this time we must match them. 

Just identify yourself as a constituent to the person who answers the phone and say, "Now is the time for Congress to act and pass sensible gun laws."  Then you can vary it.  Sometimes you can talk about the past shootings and how we must protect children and our families.  Or you can talk about specific measures - an assault weapons ban, background checks on the sales of all guns, a high capacity ammunition magazine ban.